How to Get Started with Jira Automation Scripts

Jira automation scripts

Jira is a powerful tool, but time and energy can be a big drain as automation is not designed to assist routine tasks. Jira Software is part of a family of products intended to support job management teams of all sizes. Jira was originally developed as a tracker for bugs and problems.

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Jira cloud scripting and automation capabilities for the automation of workflow and your most complicated activities are virtually limitless. Product Owners want to dynamically function functions for Jira projects and customers when dealing with Jira automation scripts. Any Jira Admin would like a magic wall to take care of these requests with ease in order for him to save time on boring tasks. Scripts for Power Automation and personalization of scripts by Jira is the solution.

However, nowadays, Jira is a common workflow for all sorts of applications from test cases and specifications to agile product creation. In this guide, you will find out what Jira’s strengths and features would satisfy the team’s unique demands.


Reactive and scheduled custom automation

By automating Jira actions, save time and reduce the chance of mistake. Creating challenges, notifying priority changes, commenting on issues, or transfer issues automatically. Project development. Infinite prospects.

Align your workflows to your processes

Prevent incorrect transitions and implement data entry rules with Script Requirements and Validator depending on your own particular standards and enforce special company procedures and laws with relevant postal functions.

Find what you need with a truly advanced search

Creates more accurate JQL Improved Functions, keywords, and subquests queries. Save them for use in Jira as filters, for example, highlighting problems with unfinished conditions in your boards. Stand-alone available!

More Features:

  • Replace many single-purpose apps with all-in-one Jira scripting
  • Start a script without leaving your dashboard
  • Get a comprehensive view of the workflow actions, screens, and their fields
  • Automate your workflows
  • Implement batch updates and notifications to your issues and automate Jira power scripts workflows and tasks with SIL services & job scheduling
  • Automate “If This Then That” functionality for Jira
  • No need to have the programming knowledge to use SIL
  • Call your script from anywhere, synchronously or asynchronously
  • Implement batch updates and notifications to your issues and automate tasks with SIL® services & job scheduling.
  • Create custom workflow conditions, validators, and post functions
  • Schedule scripts to run on an interval or as a cron job
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